Mischief Managed 。◕‿◕。

untitled by petlover44 on Flickr.

Beautiful Luna 

untitled by petlover44 on Flickr.

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So this is my Labradorite. She’s pretty.

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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” ― Dr. Seuss by petlover44 on Flickr.

"No, this adorable little kitty didn’t say it, but it fits him, and his name is Dr. Seuss."

A true model. by petlover44 on Flickr.

Photographer’s Note: “This is Joker.He is my neighbor’s cat whom she rescued from the streets after being abandoned by his previous owners. He was almost feral from the experience and was always in poor shape from fighting other cats. After months and months of working with him, we were finally able to get him to a vet to be checked out and eventually neutered. Now he is one happy and very friendly kitty who loves to have his photo taken and seems to understand me when I ask him to strike a pose. He really is an awesome cat, and that is why I love to photograph him so much.”